Monday, December 16, 2013

Central Park Family Portraits, New York City Family Photography

Oh New York in the Fall, how I adore thee!  Almost as much as I adore photographing this adorable family!  How cute is this little one?  We had a wonderful afternoon photographing in Central Park in the beautiful yellow leaves on one of the last beautiful days of Fall before the temperature dropped to Arctic levels of freezing!  This shoot is a great example of how beautiful light can take a shoot from great to epic!
RYALE_Fall_Family-01 RYALE_Fall_Family-04 RYALE_Fall_Family-09 RYALE_Fall_Family-011 RYALE_Fall_Family-13 RYALE_Fall_Family-016 RYALE_Fall_Family-017 RYALE_Fall_Family-018 RYALE_Fall_Family-019 RYALE_Fall_Family-20 RYALE_Fall_Family-021 RYALE_Fall_Family-23 RYALE_Fall_Family-24 RYALE_Fall_Family-026 RYALE_Fall_Family-27 RYALE_Fall_Family-29 RYALE_Fall_Family-030 RYALE_Fall_Family-032 RYALE_Fall_Family-033 RYALE_Fall_Family-34 RYALE_Fall_Family-35 RYALE_Fall_Family-36 RYALE_Fall_Family-039


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