Thursday, December 26, 2013

Central Park in the Fall, New York City Family Photography

I had the honor of photographing this adorable little cutie as a newborn so I loved getting to see her again for 6 month photos in Central Park!  The day was extra windy so after capturing a few in the beautiful fall foliage we headed inside to get some cute ones of everyone cuddling up at home.  Oh how I adore holiday shoots!
RYALE_CP_Family-01 RYALE_CP_Family-02 RYALE_CP_Family-03 RYALE_CP_Family-4 RYALE_CP_Family-04 RYALE_CP_Family-05 RYALE_CP_Family-6 RYALE_CP_Family-06 RYALE_CP_Family-15 RYALE_CP_Family-17 RYALE_CP_Family-18 RYALE_CP_Family-19 RYALE_CP_Family-020 RYALE_CP_Family-021 RYALE_CP_Family-022 RYALE_CP_Family-25 RYALE_CP_Family-026 RYALE_CP_Family-28


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