Monday, December 9, 2013

Elizabeth and Rhys' Proposal in Antarctica

I have been waiting a long time to share these photos here on my blog and today I finally can because they were just posted on Huffington Post!

As a wedding photographer I've had the opportunity to photograph many love stories, but my favorite is without a doubt my sister's.  My sister, Elizabeth, and her fiancĂ©, Rhys, met seven years ago at a nightclub in the Meatpacking District and have been inseparable ever since. Over the last seven years I've watched them make a home together with their dog in New York City. I patiently waited for him to pop the question to her and make it official. I always secretly hoped I'd get to see the proposal in person.  My family loves to travel and last December we took a trip down to Antarctica with National Geographic over the holidays.  On New Year's Day Rhys knocked on my door and asked if he could talk to me. He told me that he'd like me to come on a hike with them so I could take some photos at the top of them together.  My response? "That's annoying, I don't want to take the hike. Make someone else do it." He started to look a little anxious and told me that I was the only one who could do it because I have the skills for it.  Suddenly it clicked that he wanted me to photograph their proposal and I started crying like a baby. I managed to pull myself together and make it up the mountain without giving it away. I've photographed dozens of proposals, and I have never seen a reaction quite like my sister's- it was an amazing moment!  Check out the full story as told by my sister and Rhys on Huff Post!
RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-1 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-2 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-3 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-4 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-5 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-6 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-7 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-8 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-9 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-10 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-11 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-12 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-13 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-14 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-15 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-16 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-17 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-18 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-19 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-21 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-22 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-23 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-24 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-27 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-28 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-32 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-33 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-34 RYALE_Proposal_Antarctica-35


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