Friday, December 6, 2013

Owen's 6 Month Shoot, New York City Children's Photography

I've been shooting my little cousin Owen every month since he was born and have loved watching all the subtle changes month to month as he becomes less of a baby and more of a real little person.  His 6-month shoot fell days before Halloween so we put him in his little cow costume for a few Halloween portraits.  He's just starting to sit up, but actually prefers to try and stand (with help from mom and dad of course), but my favorite part was watching him crawl around dressed as a cow.  Now that's some quality entrainment.  We went to shoot a few in Central Park after, but he tired himself out being a cow and decided a nap would be better than a photo shoot.  He woke up just minutes before sunset and I was able to snap a few Fall photos of the the three of them together.  I've been shooting Owen exclusively on film (and loving it) so for all you film lovers out there this is portra 400 and thanks for the beautiful scans Richard Photo Lab!
RYALE_Owen6M-3 RYALE_Owen6M-2 RYALE_Owen6M-01 RYALE_Owen6M-03 RYALE_Owen6M-07 RYALE_Owen6M-08


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