Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sarah and Guillermo's DIY Wedding at The Red House, New York Wedding Photography

I absolutely adored every single detail about Sarah and Guillermo's wedding at The Red House in upstate New York.  Not only were they an unbelievably sweet (not to mention gorgeous) couple, they also threw an incredible wedding full of tiny personal details that Sarah made herself like hand rolled lavender cones made from an antique copy of Don Quixote, and a custom invitation suite that Sarah designed and printed herself.  It was a true family affair and I loved spending the morning photographing her awesome family, friends and fiance setting up and decorating the barn for the evening.  I don't even have words to describe the dessert table all made from scratch by her cousin.  They had an amazing wedding cake, 3 kinds of pies, 5 kinds of cookies, cobbler and caramel corn.  During the whole day it looked like it was going to drizzle, but it held off just long enough for beautiful ceremony to take place outside amongst the autumn leaves.  Their guests partied the night away and were so much fun on the dance floor!  I was definitely dancing along as I snapped away.  Check out more photographs in the beautiful feature on Style Me Pretty!

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Floral Design: Flowers by Nature
Wedding Dress: Justin Alexander
Reception Venue: The Red House
Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo
Catering: 3 C's Catering
Groom's Attire: Black Label By Vera Wang
Groomsmen's Attire: Black Label By Vera Wang
Make Up Artist: Jenny Wilson


curtis03 Lewis said...

Loved this wedding! Everything looks to be so fun and enjoyable. I really can’t get over how pretty indoor decorations were. Well, I am going to attend my cousin’s wedding in next month. She has reserved destination beachside wedding venues Los Angeles and got quite good deals with this booking. Eagerly waiting for her big day.

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