Thursday, January 16, 2014

Art Studio Proposal, New York City Proposal Photography

This proposal planned by The Heart Bandits was so adorable!  The couple had a private art class at The Art Studio where they sat across from each other painting reproductions from prints they were given.  Secretly Alek was painting "Will You Marry Me" (in Norwegian) and at the end of the lesson they revealed their paintings to each other and she was in for the surprise of a lifetime!  I loved her reaction!

RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-1 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-02 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-03 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-8 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-09 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-010 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-11 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-013 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-15 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-16 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-17 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-18 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-19 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-020 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-21 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-22 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-23 RYALE_ArtStudio_Proposal-24


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