Thursday, January 30, 2014

Belvedere Castle Proposal, New York City Proposal Photography

This gorgeous proposal may have been a little chilly in the snow, but with the sun shining through the trees it was so beautiful!  The proposal was planned wonderfully by The Heart Bandits.  I gave them a little photo lesson talking about leading lines and rules of thirds, starting at Bethesda Fountain and walking through the rambles giving photo tips along the way.  Then I set them in the perfect spot in front of Belvedere Castle telling them I wanted to take a photo of them there to show them a trick of perspective and Frank went down on bended knee and of course Jessica said yes!!  A wonderful guitar player strummed their song a couple feet away elevating the moment to truly magical!  Then we walked around as the sun peeked through the clouds to take photos in the snow.  Congrats you two!

RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-1 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-2 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-3 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-5 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-06 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-07 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-10 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-011 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-013 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-015 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-16 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-17 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-019 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-020 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-24 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-27 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-028 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-29 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-029 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-31 RYALE_Belvedere_Proposal-32


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