Thursday, January 9, 2014

Owen's 7 Month Photos, New York City Family Photography

I've been photographing my adorable little cousin every month for his 1st year.  His 7 Month photos were so cute because it was the first time I really got to see him play.  We went out into the Autumn leaves and he loved picking them (and of course trying to eat them)!  I adore shooting this little one all on film and especially love these ones because it will probably be the last time I shoot the outdoors for a few months before the chilly winter sets in.  This was his first time wearing shoes, which was very exciting.  How cute are they?  I bought them at the cutest little store in Tribeca.  Why is everything so cute in miniature?!
RYALE_Owen7M-01RYALE_Owen7M-3 RYALE_Owen7M-04 RYALE_Owen7M-6 RYALE_Owen7M-7 RYALE_Owen7M-08 RYALE_Owen7M-10 RYALE_Owen7M-11 RYALE_Owen7M-12


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