Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Owen's 8 Month Photos, New York City Family Photography

I've been photographing my little cousin Owen every month for his 1st year and his 8 month photos were such a sweet slice of life moment.  I came over on a chilly Sunday morning after a huge snow storm so we stayed inside and just hung out and played in his nursery.  He's starting to crawl around a lot and it was fun to get those on the go shots.  Love this kid so much!
RYALE_Owen8M-01RYALE_Owen8M-02 RYALE_Owen8M-3 RYALE_Owen8M-5 RYALE_Owen8M-6 RYALE_Owen8M-7 RYALE_Owen8M-8 RYALE_Owen8M-9 RYALE_Owen8M-10 RYALE_Owen8M-011 RYALE_Owen8M-013 RYALE_Owen8M-15 RYALE_Owen8M-16 RYALE_Owen8M-17 RYALE_Owen8M-18


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