Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sam and Liz in Central Park, New York City Engagement Photography

There are four good months to live in New York City- April and May when the cherry blossoms bloom and September and October when the Autumn leaves change.  The rest of the year it's too hot or too cold, but Fall days like this on makes it worth those other 8 months.  I shot Sam and Liz in Central Park on one the last crisp days of Fall.  We had a great time in the orange leaves catching the warm tones of sunset.  They're so sweet together and it was an honor to capture these beautiful moments for them!
RYALE_FallEngagement-01 RYALE_FallEngagement-2 RYALE_FallEngagement-04 RYALE_FallEngagement-6 RYALE_FallEngagement-7 RYALE_FallEngagement-09 RYALE_FallEngagement-011 RYALE_FallEngagement-012 RYALE_FallEngagement-13 RYALE_FallEngagement-17 RYALE_FallEngagement-018 RYALE_FallEngagement-019 RYALE_FallEngagement-021 RYALE_FallEngagement-22 RYALE_FallEngagement-24 RYALE_FallEngagement-25 RYALE_FallEngagement-026 RYALE_FallEngagement-27 RYALE_FallEngagement-30 RYALE_FallEngagement-031 RYALE_FallEngagement-033 RYALE_FallEngagement-34 RYALE_FallEngagement-36 RYALE_FallEngagement-038 RYALE_FallEngagement-39 RYALE_FallEngagement-40 RYALE_FallEngagement-41 RYALE_FallEngagement-42


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