Monday, February 17, 2014

Honeymoon Session in Costa Rica

One of the wonderful things about the hotel we stayed at in Costa Rica, Rancho Pacifico, was that it's adults only and has a max capacity of 28 people so we got to know many of the other guests staying there.  On New Year's Eve the owners threw a party in their villa for cocktails and then everyone continued the celebration in the restaurant area.  We had a great time talking with everyone and I met an adorable couple on their honeymoon, Caitlin and Michael.  We decided to have a little impromptu honeymoon session that I shot all on film with my Contax 645 and it was so much fun!  I'd love to go back and shoot a wedding or engagement in Costa Rica!
RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-04 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-09 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-12 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-013 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-14 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-020 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-021 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-19 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-050 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-016 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-05 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-18 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-031 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-3 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-10 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-008 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-8 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-07 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-014 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-06 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-015 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-025 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-20 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-42 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-043 RYALE_CostaRica_Honeymoon-6


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