Thursday, March 20, 2014

New York City Couples Photography, Grand Central Station, New York Public Library and Central Park Engagement Photos

Carly and Justin visited NYC from Australia and wanted to remember their trip with some beautiful photographs taken around the city.  We had such a good time walking along 42nd street making stops at Grand Central Station, the NY Public Library, Bryant Park and Times Square.  Then after a quick starbucks break to warm up and refuel we headed up to Central Park to catch the sunset.  Justin proposed to Carly just a couple days after this session so now these are their engagement photos!  So fun!

RYALE_CouplesSession-1 RYALE_CouplesSession-03 RYALE_CouplesSession-7 RYALE_CouplesSession-6 RYALE_CouplesSession-08 RYALE_CouplesSession-09 RYALE_CouplesSession-013 RYALE_CouplesSession-014 RYALE_CouplesSession-016 RYALE_CouplesSession-17 RYALE_CouplesSession-018 RYALE_CouplesSession-22 RYALE_CouplesSession-027 RYALE_CouplesSession-28 RYALE_CouplesSession-29 RYALE_CouplesSession-031 RYALE_CouplesSession-35 RYALE_CouplesSession-37 RYALE_CouplesSession-039 RYALE_CouplesSession-40 RYALE_CouplesSession-040 RYALE_CouplesSession-44 RYALE_CouplesSession-045 RYALE_CouplesSession-50 RYALE_CouplesSession-49 RYALE_CouplesSession-52 RYALE_CouplesSession-053 RYALE_CouplesSession-54


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