Monday, March 10, 2014

Owen's 10 Month Portraits

I've been having so much fun photographing my little baby cousin Owen every month!  For his 10 month his parents jumped back in the photos and the results were pretty adorable!  Love being able to capture these relaxed natural at home moments.

RYALE_Owen_10M-15 RYALE_Owen_10M-1 RYALE_Owen_10M-06 RYALE_Owen_10M-10 RYALE_Owen_10M-11 RYALE_Owen_10M-12 RYALE_Owen_10M-4 RYALE_Owen_10M-5 RYALE_Owen_10M-13 RYALE_Owen_10M-16 RYALE_Owen_10M-14 RYALE_Owen_10M-17 RYALE_Owen_10M-019 RYALE_Owen_10M-020 RYALE_Owen_10M-22 RYALE_Owen_10M-23


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