Monday, April 21, 2014

Owen's 11 Month Portraits, New York City Family Photography

I've been photographing my adorable little cousin Owen once a month since he was born.  It's been such an amazing experience getting to watch him grow each month from a tiny little baby into a little toddler with his own personality shining through.  We've been stuck inside for the last few months with the polar vortex beating down on NYC, but we finally had a day in the 50s and headed to Central Park for some fun 11 month portraits! 
RYALE_Owen_11M-1 RYALE_Owen_11M-03 RYALE_Owen_11M-4 RYALE_Owen_11M-05 RYALE_Owen_11M-9 RYALE_Owen_11M-011 RYALE_Owen_11M-012 RYALE_Owen_11M-013 RYALE_Owen_11M-14


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