Monday, April 28, 2014

Owen's 1st Birthday Portraits and Cake Smash, New York City Family Photography

I can't believe Owen is 1!  Over the last year I have been photographing my cousin's baby Owen once a month.  It has been an amazing exercise for me getting to photograph him at all these different stages and so fun because I've gotten to focus on more of the lifestyle moments which I love so much.  For his 1 year we decided to shoot a little in my neighborhood of Tribeca to capture some city streets and then we headed inside the studio for a cake smash.  He was not at all interested in eating the cake, but he was so adorable mushing it around!
RYALE_Owen_1Y-01 RYALE_Owen_1Y-02 RYALE_Owen_1Y-03 RYALE_Owen_1Y-7 RYALE_Owen_1Y-08 RYALE_Owen_1Y-11 RYALE_Owen_1Y-012 RYALE_Owen_1Y-013 RYALE_Owen_1Y-021 RYALE_Owen_1Y-23 RYALE_Owen_1Y-023 RYALE_Owen_1Y-024 RYALE_Owen_1Y-26 RYALE_Owen_1Y-27 RYALE_Owen_1Y-028 RYALE_Owen_1Y-029 RYALE_Owen_1Y-34


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