Thursday, April 24, 2014

West Village and Tribeca Engagement Session, New York City Engagement Photography

Combine an adorable couple who are super sweet and fun to hang out with a hysterical black lab with soulful eyes and you get a very happy photographer and an awesome engagement session!  I had so much fun with Andrew and Gretchen (and their adorable dog Revis) on their engagement session all around the West Village and Tribeca.  It was one of the first slightly warmer Spring days where it was actually possible to be outside for more than 10 minutes without freezing and we spent the afternoon walking all around their neighborhood in the West Village with their pup and then headed down to Tribeca to snap a few iconic NYC shots on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Revis was very spirited, which made for some great photos, and even funnier outtakes.  Come on who can't resist a huge face smooch from a black lab?  I'm so excited for this wedding in June, I know it's going to be gorgeous and if it's anything like Andrew and Gretchen themselves it's going to be a lot of fun!

RYALE_West_Village_ESession-01 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-02 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-03 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-04 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-8 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-09 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-10 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-011 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-16 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-18 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-019 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-021 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-24 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-25 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-024 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-26 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-028 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-31 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-032 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-036 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-038 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-039 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-41 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-042 RYALE_West_Village_ESession-44


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