Monday, May 12, 2014

One Year of Owen, New York City Fine Art Family Photography

I've had the supreme pleasure over the last year of photographing my cousin's baby once a month for his first year.  Owen is the first baby in my immediate family and it has been such an incredible experience for me.  He is just the sweetest little bundle of cuteness and is just one of the happiest babies I've ever been around.  He was born last April just a month after my grandmother and childhood dog passed away and having new life to celebrate was so special and I like to think he even looks a bit like my grandparents.  His middle name Kenneth, is named after my grandfather who passed away two years ago and I like to think that his little baby pompadour/comb-over that he has sported for much of his first year is an homage to his namesake.  Photographing Owen over the last year has produced some of my favorite images ever and it's been such a pleasure to feel relaxed and not pressured while I'm shooting.  I really get to focus on the special little moments, which make for the best photos anyway.  The exercise has truly made my professional work better and reminds me to take a breath slow down and look for the little moments that are so unique to each and every kid.  I can't wait for walking and talking this year and will keep posting photos, although somewhat less frequent of year two!
RYALE_Owens1stYear-1 RYALE_Owens1stYear-02 RYALE_Owens1stYear-03 RYALE_Owens1stYear-6 RYALE_Owens1stYear-8 RYALE_Owens1stYear-09 RYALE_Owens1stYear-10 RYALE_Owens1stYear-011 RYALE_Owens1stYear-13 RYALE_Owens1stYear-14 RYALE_Owens1stYear-015 RYALE_Owens1stYear-018 RYALE_Owens1stYear-19 RYALE_Owens1stYear-020 RYALE_Owens1stYear-22 RYALE_Owens1stYear-24 RYALE_Owens1stYear-25 RYALE_Owens1stYear-26 RYALE_Owens1stYear-026 RYALE_Owens1stYear-29 RYALE_Owens1stYear-30 RYALE_Owens1stYear-31 RYALE_Owens1stYear-035 RYALE_Owens1stYear-036


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