Monday, June 23, 2014

A Spring Engagement Session on Film | New York Fine Art Engagement Photography

RYALE_NYC_ESession-01 RYALE_NYC_ESession-03 RYALE_NYC_ESession-04 RYALE_NYC_ESession-05 RYALE_NYC_ESession-06
RYALE_NYC_ESession-07a RYALE_NYC_ESession-08a RYALE_NYC_ESession-09 RYALE_NYC_ESession-08 RYALE_NYC_ESession-010 RYALE_NYC_ESession-011 RYALE_NYC_ESession-012 RYALE_NYC_ESession-013 RYALE_NYC_ESession-014 RYALE_NYC_ESession-015 RYALE_NYC_ESession-017 RYALE_NYC_ESession-018 RYALE_NYC_ESession-019 RYALE_NYC_ESession-021 RYALE_NYC_ESession-022 RYALE_NYC_ESession-023 RYALE_NYC_ESession-024 RYALE_NYC_ESession-025 RYALE_NYC_ESession-026 RYALE_NYC_ESession-027 RYALE_NYC_ESession-029 RYALE_NYC_ESession-030 RYALE_NYC_ESession-031 RYALE_NYC_ESession-032 RYALE_NYC_ESession-033 RYALE_NYC_ESession-034 RYALE_NYC_ESession-036
RYALE_NYC_ESession-037 RYALE_NYC_ESession-039
The only thing better than a lovely Spring afternoon full of sunshine and cherry blossoms is spending it with a couple as lovely as these two! I had such fun with Chanel and Adam photographing all over the West Village and then up to Central Park to catch the golden hour light amongst the cherry blossoms. Chanel did an incredible job styling their shoot picking beautiful outfits for both the city and the park showing how much styling can influence your engagement photos. Picking the right outfit can change the whole mood of the photos and it's so fun to do play with both dark and light!  Check out more of this session featured on Style Me Pretty!


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