Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Crane Beach Engagement Session, Destination Fine Art Wedding Photography

I was so incredibly honored when Melissa, the editor extraordinaire of Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book and blogger at Yours Truly, asked me to photograph her engagement!  We shot on the gorgeous Crane Beach on one of the last beautiful warm days of summer as the sun set behind us and turned the sky and ocean around us the most beautiful shade of pink.  Melissa and Shawn were such a pleasure to photograph!  I adore engagement sessions because they are such a wonderful opportunity to capture some real moments of this unique time in your life of being young and in love and just being yourselves.  Melissa and Shawn could not have been more genuinely in love and they were so sweet with each other the whole shoot, which makes my job so fun - and hello supermodel alert - I felt like I was on a fashion shoot on the beach with these two stunners!  We were having so much fun we shot every inch of available light as the sun set around us, and luckily didn't get in too much trouble for staying out on the sand after dark, because I just couldn't stop shooting these two!  Check out the feature today on the front page of Style Me Pretty!
RYALE_MS_Engagement-01 RYALE_MS_Engagement-02 RYALE_MS_Engagement-03 RYALE_MS_Engagement-04 RYALE_MS_Engagement-05 RYALE_MS_Engagement-06 RYALE_MS_Engagement-07 RYALE_MS_Engagement-08 RYALE_MS_Engagement-09 RYALE_MS_Engagement-010 RYALE_MS_Engagement-011 RYALE_MS_Engagement-012 RYALE_MS_Engagement-13 RYALE_MS_Engagement-013 RYALE_MS_Engagement-14 RYALE_MS_Engagement-014 RYALE_MS_Engagement-15 RYALE_MS_Engagement-16 RYALE_MS_Engagement-17 RYALE_MS_Engagement-18 RYALE_MS_Engagement-19 RYALE_MS_Engagement-20 RYALE_MS_Engagement-020 RYALE_MS_Engagement-21 RYALE_MS_Engagement-22 RYALE_MS_Engagement-23 RYALE_MS_Engagement-024 RYALE_MS_Engagement-025 RYALE_MS_Engagement-26 RYALE_MS_Engagement-27 RYALE_MS_Engagement-027 RYALE_MS_Engagement-028

Photographed on a Contax 645, Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford 3200, processed by Richard Photo Lab
Floral Design by Yours Truly
Print by Julie Song Ink


Jean Park Jun Park said...

Hi. I am an amateur photographer from CA. I happened to see your work from the Style Me Pretty website, and I had to leave a comment in your blog. I would like to tell you I Love your work! Have seen many photos from everywhere, but this work has something different feeling. Color, light, angel, frame you got all in your photos. - a fan from CA-

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