Thursday, December 18, 2014

Derek and Jackie's Autumn Engagement Session, Central Park Fall Foliage Engagement Photography on Film

There are some couples that the moment I meet them I know we're meant to work together.  I fell in love a little bit with Jackie and Derek during our Fall engagement session- but really when you look at this gallery- who could blame me?  I knew Jackie really wanted some beautiful Fall colors and I was keeping my fingers crossed that the weather would hold up because this Fall has been crazy jumping from the mid 60's all the way down to the teens with lots of wind and rain battering all the pretty leaves.  However, on this gorgeous afternoon we totally lucked out and had a mild afternoon filled with sunshine and the most gorgeous red, yellow and orange leaves a California girl could dream of!  While I was shooting I was literally jumping up and down with glee repeating over and over again I can not wait to get this film back and it was worth the wait!  Downloading these scans may have resulted in an embarrassing little happy dance alone in my apartment.  Counting the days till their wedding next March!
RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-01 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-02 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-03 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-04 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-05 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-07 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-06 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-08 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-09 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-010 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-011 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-012 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-0013 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-0014 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-015 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-016 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-017 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-018 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-019 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-020 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-021 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-022 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-023 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-024 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-025 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-026 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-027 RYALE_Fall_Engagement_Session-028
Photographed on a Contax 645 on Kodak Portra 400, 800 and Ilford 3200.  Scanned and processed by Richard Photo Lab.


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