Friday, January 23, 2015

Lindsey and Nate's New York City Anniversary Session in DUMBO, New York City Fine Art Couple's Photography on Film

Lindsey and Nate are the talented and stunning couple behind Bellalu photography out in California so when Lindsey told me she was coming into town and wanted to set up an anniversary session I was so excited to meet them! We shot on the coldest day of the entire Fall with temperatures reaching a chilling 9 degrees with the wind chill factor on the waterfront in Brooklyn.  You'd never know it though from the warmness and love that emanates from these two!  Lindsey did an amazing job styling the session with a bright pop of red against the amazing NYC skyline.  I loved shooting every minute of it even if I lost feeling in my fingers for the rest of the day!  (I must say all the CA film shooters are spoiled not having to roll their film in freezing weather with gloves off)!!

RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-01 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-07 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-02 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-002 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-03 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-04 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-05 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-06 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-006 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-06a RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-08 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-09 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-010 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-019 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-011 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-012 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-012a RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-013 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-014 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-015 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-016 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-016a RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-020 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-017 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-018 RYALE_DUMBO_AnniversarySession-037
Shot on Kodak Portra 400 and 800 and Ilford 3200 on a Contax 645, Processed by Richard Photo Lab.


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