Monday, February 16, 2015

Family Portraits on the Highline, New York City Lifestyle Family Photography

My favorite thing about photographing families is being able to take a lifestyle approach, which for those not familiar with the term, means more of a documentary view that focuses on genuine moments of love and interaction between a family.  I totally understand wanting a photo of everyone smiling and looking at the camera, and I always take it first, but then once that's out of the way we can have the real fun and capture those sweet moments that you'll want to remember 20 years from now and your kids will love looking back on.   This early morning session on the Highline and at a nearby coffee shop was the perfect example of a great lifestyle session!  It doesn't hurt that this family is super sweet together and I had so much fun playing on the Highline with them and then snapping a few more as they stopped in for some coffee (and hot chocolate and muffins for the little ones) in the Meatpacking District.  
RYALE_Highline_Family-01 RYALE_Highline_Family-02 RYALE_Highline_Family-03 RYALE_Highline_Family-04 RYALE_Highline_Family-05 RYALE_Highline_Family-06 RYALE_Highline_Family-06a RYALE_Highline_Family-07 RYALE_Highline_Family-08 RYALE_Highline_Family-09 RYALE_Highline_Family-012 RYALE_Highline_Family-013 RYALE_Highline_Family-010 RYALE_Highline_Family-014 RYALE_Highline_Family-015 RYALE_Highline_Family-023 RYALE_Highline_Family-029 RYALE_Highline_Family-024 RYALE_Highline_Family-025 RYALE_Highline_Family-026 RYALE_Highline_Family-027 RYALE_Highline_Family-028 RYALE_Highline_Family-030


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