Monday, February 2, 2015

Montage Resort in Laguna Beach on Film, Fine Art Travel Photography

The snow in New York has been tough this week and definitely making me miss CA! These film scans could not have come in at a better time, whisking me back to the beautiful beaches of California.  I rung in 2015 this year with my family at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California.  The resort is absolutely stunning and has an amazing location right on the water.  I loved walking the beach every night watching the sun set over the ocean turning the whole world the most delicious shade of pink.  I can only imagine how gorgeous a wedding would be on these grounds!   
RYALE_Newport-01 RYALE_Newport-02 RYALE_Newport-03 RYALE_Newport-04 RYALE_Newport-05 RYALE_Newport-06 RYALE_Newport-07 RYALE_Newport-08 RYALE_Newport-09 RYALE_Newport-09a RYALE_Newport-010 RYALE_Newport-011 RYALE_Newport-013 RYALE_Newport-014 RYALE_Newport-015 RYALE_Newport-016


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