Monday, March 30, 2015

Lifestyle Maternity Portraits on Film, New York City Family Photography

As many readers of my blog know, I've been photographing my little cousin Owen since he was 7 days old.  This shoot was so special because its the last time I'll photograph him before his little sister joins the family.  New York City is having a terrible never ending winter this year so we spent the afternoon dancing and playing guitar on their living room floor and then took a brisk walk in Central Park to play in the winter leaves.

RYALE_Owen0315-01 RYALE_Owen0315-02 RYALE_Owen0315-03 RYALE_Owen0315-04 RYALE_Owen0315-05 RYALE_Owen0315-06 RYALE_Owen0315-07 RYALE_Owen0315-08 RYALE_Owen0315-09 RYALE_Owen0315-010 RYALE_Owen0315-011 RYALE_Owen0315-013 RYALE_Owen0315-014 RYALE_Owen0315-015 RYALE_Owen0315-016 RYALE_Owen0315-020 RYALE_Owen0315-017 RYALE_Owen0315-018 RYALE_Owen0315-019 RYALE_Owen0315-021 Shot on Kodak Portra 400 and 800 on a Contax 645.  Processing by Richard Photo Lab.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

An Italian Villa in Coconut Grove: Exploring Vizcaya on Film

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has been described as the finest private home ever built in America, and to walk through it's gorgeous grounds I understand why. Vizcaya was built as a private home, taking over 10 years to complete from 1910-1922, by James Deering.  When Deering passed away he left the property to his half brother who then passed it on to his nieces and in the 1950's it was made into a public museum.  I first saw photographs of the house as a wedding venue and immediately thought it must be in Europe.  When I realized it was actually in South Florida, only minutes away from Coconut Grove, it moved to the top of my to-see list on my next visit to Miami.  The house is beautiful, full of gorgeous works of art and antiques, but photographs are not allowed inside.  The grounds are absolutely stunning and the various gardens contain everything from air plants and cacti climbing up the walls to immaculate trimmed hedges with statues reminiscent of Italy, and towering ancient trees dripping in Spanish Moss to rows of exotic orchids.  The gardens are a lovely spot to spend an afternoon exploring and feel completely transported from the hustle and bustle of Miami just 20 minutes away.
RYALE_Vizcaya-01 RYALE_Vizcaya-02 RYALE_Vizcaya-03 RYALE_Vizcaya-04 RYALE_Vizcaya-05 RYALE_Vizcaya-06 RYALE_Vizcaya-07 RYALE_Vizcaya-08 RYALE_Vizcaya-08a RYALE_Vizcaya-09 RYALE_Vizcaya-010 RYALE_Vizcaya-011a RYALE_Vizcaya-012 RYALE_Vizcaya-013 RYALE_Vizcaya-013a RYALE_Vizcaya-014 RYALE_Vizcaya-015 RYALE_Vizcaya-016 RYALE_Vizcaya-017 RYALE_Vizcaya-018 RYALE_Vizcaya-020 RYALE_Vizcaya-021 RYALE_Vizcaya-023 RYALE_Vizcaya-024 RYALE_Vizcaya-025 RYALE_Vizcaya-025a RYALE_Vizcaya-027 RYALE_Vizcaya-029 RYALE_Vizcaya-031 RYALE_Vizcaya-030

Shot on Contax 645, Kodak Portra 400, Richard Photo Lab
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