Sunday, February 1, 2015

Gallatin Look Book 2015

During my senior year at Gallatin at NYU they started a fashion show that has continued yearly since then.  I thought it would be fun to shoot the fashions in studio before the show and suggested it to the administrators and the Gallatin Look Book was created.  I've come back as an alumni every year since to shoot the student's fashions.  It's been so fun to watch the show evolve and the students return year after year with inspiring designs.  This years theme was "Narrative Threads" and the students drew inspiration from literature.  The theme is open ended and the students were inspired by everything from Emily Dickinson to Maurice Sendak, Nabokav to Dr. Suess.  I love the story telling I get to do in my wedding and lifestyle portrait work, but it is fun to have a bit of a change and hit up the studio and shoot something completely different than my normal work!
RYALE_GFashion15-01 RYALE_GFashion15-02 RYALE_GFashion15-04 RYALE_GFashion15-05 RYALE_GFashion15-06 RYALE_GFashion15-07 RYALE_GFashion15-08 RYALE_GFashion15-03 RYALE_GFashion15-011 RYALE_GFashion15-012

Designs by Tamara Leacock, Kristen Chiu, Kate Goldwater, Matthew Russo, Mackenzie Leighton, Rachel Wang, Tanya Gupta and Jiji Kikhia


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