Friday, June 26, 2015

Chloe and Taylor Engagement Session at Vazquez Rocks, Los Angeles Engagement Photography

As a fellow photographer and dear friend, I've had the fun of photographing Chloe and her boyfriend Taylor a few times over the last couple years.  When I got the text that they were engaged on Christmas Eve I immediately started dreaming up their engagement session in my head.  The pressure was on to take incredible photos for my incredibly talented friend!  Chloe and I went to NYU together where we had the same photography adviser and after working in a few different fields of photography we both ended up falling in love with wedding photography.  Chloe's style is the perfect mix of bohemian and chic so decked out in vintage dresses and a sharp suit Chloe and Taylor hit the desert with a teepee and two pups in tow.  The Los Angeles flower market is open to the public on weekday mornings so I picked up bushels of snap dragons, ranunculus and eucalyptus tied together with pink and yellow ribbon from Silk and Willow to make a lovely Spring bouquet.  We used the extras to decorate the teepee and make floral wreaths (which we decided were the male version of a floral crown) for their two boy pups.  We photographed against the otherworldly landscape of Vazquez rocks just an hour North of LA (the site of many a sci-fi flick including Star Trek).  Check out more from the session today on Green Wedding Shoes!

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Hair and Makeup by Nicol Artistry
Film Scanning and Processing by Richard Photo Lab

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Romantic Cherry Blossom Filled Engagement Session in Central Park on Film

Elizabeth and Ricardo celebrated their engagement amidst the Cherry Blossom trees in New York City's Central Park.  Elizabeth donned a stunning blue gown and flower crown to create a soft romantic look that perfectly matched the explosion of pink flowers dotting the park.   The couple met and fell in love at a dance class in New York City so dance was a big part of their engagement session.  We seemed to transcend time and space entering into a fairy tale on an early morning in the park as the sun streamed through the cherry blossoms.


Shot on a Contax 645, Kodak Portra 400, Processed by Richard Photo Lab
Dress by BHLDN
Flowers by Gramercy Park Flower Shop
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