Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge and Tribeca Honeymoon Session, New York City Fine Art Honeymoon Photography

RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-01 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-02 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-03 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-04 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-05 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-06 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-07 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-08 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-09 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-0010 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-0011 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-012 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-0012 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-013 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-0014 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-0015 RYALE_JA_Honeymoon-016

Brooklyn Bridge and Tribeca sessions will always hold a special place in my heart since its been my neighborhood for the last 5 years. I've got some big changes coming up and am so excited to make Los Angeles my home once again, but I will miss this terribly.  Julie and Anthony are very sweet (and very fashionable) French couple who were on their honeymoon in New York after their wedding in France and wanted to do a fun and distinctly "New York" engagement session so we had a wonderful Fall morning running around on the Brooklyn Bridge and the streets of Tribeca.  I was absolutely in love with her shoes, which a friend of hers made!  I love getting to meet amazing couples from all over the world and photograph their New York City love story.  As I transition into my Los Angeles move I know I'll definitely be back for lots more city sessions next year!


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