Monday, November 30, 2015

Behind The Frame: Finding The "Real" Moments


Family Portraits can be a long tedious resulting in formal photos that get framed on parents work desks, but are otherwise never looked at.  I wrote back in October about watching your subject for a few extra seconds after the final shot because the "in-between" moments can often be the best.  You can also find wonderful authentic moments right after the formal one is taken.  While I'm shooting family formals I always instruct my second shooter to point the lens in the other direction the family standing behind me waiting to be photographed, which can result in amazing candid shots.  I also try to hold the camera for a beat longer on my subject to see what unfolds.  This shot was taken during cocktail hour when we had a long list of extended family photos moving in and out of this frame.  When we finally finished the bride and her sister gave their parents a kiss on the cheek and that little moment became my favorite of the day.  The way the bride's dad is closing his eyes and reaching out to hold the bride's shoulder is the punctum (see previous post) that makes this photo truly special for me.


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