Monday, December 28, 2015

Behind The Frame: Wedding Pups


Is there anything greater than a puppy at a wedding?  It combines my two most favorite things to photograph!  Including dogs in the wedding day can be tough.  Dogs don't always do what we want them to and seem to always do exactly what we don't want them to do, like pee on a dress, poop in the aisle or munch on a bouquet.  However it can be totally worth it to get a shot like this and include your fur babies in your wedding day.  When photographing dogs and babies my number one rule is to get down to their level.  I have a few other photos taken from above that I do love too because you can see more of the Frenchie's tutu, but the "hero" shot for me is this one, where I was laying down on the ground right at face level making kissy sounds and holding a treat above the camera.  As I've mentioned before, I took a few shots and this one was the winner for me because I loved the soulful look in the Frenchie's eyes- as if she is reaching out through the photo and making eye contact.  The bride and groom are behind them so there is a hint of context even in the detail shot that these are the bride and groom's dogs and I posed the female dog in front of the bride and the male in front of the groom.  Also a little tip to give to you clients- buy a cute leash/collar or use a ribbon as the leash on the wedding day.  Nothing ruins a beautiful composition like a bright red frayed rope leash in the background!


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