Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Beyond the Pretty: Emotional Wedding Moments

As a wedding photographer I often laugh at myself on wedding days, feeling a bit like a photographic ninja, darting all over the place and always being on alert for interesting moments.  A lot of the photos I share publicly either through publications and blogs or here on my own blog or instagram tends to be the prettiest moments of the day.  Lots of beautiful details and portraits, but weddings are about so much more than the pretty moments.  Weddings are a roller coaster of emotions- joy, sadness, nervousness, fear, love, anticipation, exhaustion, etc- all bundled up into one big day, which is what drove my interest in photographing weddings in the first place.  There are so many wonderful "wedding moments" that I don't always get to share, so I went back through my archive of nearly 60 weddings to pick out some of my favorite moments of raw emotion.  Warning you may want to have a tissue handy!
RYALE_EM_Moments-02 RYALE_EM_Moments-01 RYALE_EM_Moments-03 RYALE_EM_Moments-04 RYALE_EM_Moments-05 RYALE_EM_Moments-06 RYALE_EM_Moments-07 RYALE_EM_Moments-08 RYALE_EM_Moments-09 RYALE_EM_Moments-010 RYALE_EM_Moments-011 RYALE_EM_Moments-013 RYALE_EM_Moments-015 RYALE_EM_Moments-016 RYALE_EM_Moments-017 RYALE_EM_Moments-018 RYALE_EM_Moments-019 RYALE_EM_Moments-020 RYALE_EM_Moments-021 RYALE_EM_Moments-022 RYALE_EM_Moments-023 RYALE_EM_Moments-025 RYALE_EM_Moments-026 RYALE_EM_Moments-027 RYALE_EM_Moments-028 RYALE_EM_Moments-029 RYALE_EM_Moments-030 RYALE_EM_Moments-031 RYALE_EM_Moments-032 RYALE_EM_Moments-033 RYALE_EM_Moments-034 RYALE_EM_Moments-035 RYALE_EM_Moments-036 RYALE_EM_Moments-038 RYALE_EM_Moments-039 RYALE_EM_Moments-040 RYALE_EM_Moments-041 RYALE_EM_Moments-042 RYALE_EM_Moments-043 RYALE_EM_Moments-044 RYALE_EM_Moments-046 RYALE_EM_Moments-047 RYALE_EM_Moments-048 RYALE_EM_Moments-049 RYALE_EM_Moments-051 RYALE_EM_Moments-052 RYALE_EM_Moments-053 RYALE_EM_Moments-054 RYALE_EM_Moments-055 RYALE_EM_Moments-056 RYALE_EM_Moments-057 RYALE_EM_Moments-058 RYALE_EM_Moments-059 RYALE_EM_Moments-060 RYALE_EM_Moments-062 RYALE_EM_Moments-063 RYALE_EM_Moments-064 RYALE_EM_Moments-065 RYALE_EM_Moments-061 RYALE_EM_Moments-066 RYALE_EM_Moments-067 RYALE_EM_Moments-068 RYALE_EM_Moments-069 RYALE_EM_Moments-070 RYALE_EM_Moments-071 RYALE_EM_Moments-072 RYALE_EM_Moments-073 RYALE_EM_Moments-074 RYALE_EM_Moments-076 RYALE_EM_Moments-077 RYALE_EM_Moments-078 RYALE_EM_Moments-079 RYALE_EM_Moments-080 RYALE_EM_Moments-081 RYALE_EM_Moments-082 RYALE_EM_Moments-083 RYALE_EM_Moments-084 RYALE_EM_Moments-085 RYALE_EM_Moments-086 RYALE_EM_Moments-087 RYALE_EM_Moments-088 RYALE_EM_Moments-090


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