Thursday, February 25, 2016

10 Year Anniversary Session in Cuba on Film, Destination Fine Art Wedding Photography

My family loves to travel and I have had the pleasure of shooting my sister and her husband all over the world so when we decided to all go to Cuba for New Years I knew we had to do a very special anniversary session.  It was the three year anniversary of when her husband proposed (on New Years day in Antarctica) and just a couple months short of the 10 year anniversary of when they met (at a bar in New York).  I found the most perfect red hat at a little hat shop in Key West a few days before we left for Cuba and we let the color red inspire us for a bold editorial inspired anniversary shoot on the streets of old Havana.  We wandered the streets at sunrise, taking in the beautiful old buildings and wall after wall of chipping paint.  The streets were were already buzzing with locals, waking up early to sit on their stoop and chat with their neighbors.  We made our way to the city center where we grabbed a vintage taxi- a bright red Chevrolet of course- and took a few more photographs with the beautiful vintage car.  See more from this session featured on Style Me Pretty.

RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-01 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-02 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-03 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-04 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-05 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-06 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-07 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-08 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-09 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-010 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-010a RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-011 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-011a RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-012a RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-013a RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-014 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-015 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-016 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-016a RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-017a RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-017b RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-018 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-018a RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-019 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-020 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-021 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-022 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-023 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-024 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-024a RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-025 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-026 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-027 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-028a RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-029 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-028 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-030 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-031 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-032 RYALE_Cuba_Anniversary-033


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