Monday, February 8, 2016

Behind The Frame: Getting Ready


Wedding days are the combination of authentic moments captured as a fly on the wall and stylized moments that require a little more planning, but can and should feel just as authentic as the former.  I always urge my couples to think about where they're getting ready and to pick a place with lots of natural light.  I will pick a few spots in that room that will photograph well and then once the hair and makeup is done or the boys are dressed I bring the action into those spots for the final touches.  I have also tidied up so there's no bra or beer bottles in the back of the shot.  I love when the getting ready photos can also provide some context into the day, like distinctive windows, or wall paper, like this blue pattern that anyone in New York knows is the Wythe Hotel.  During the getting ready process there are a few key moments that I know are the most photogenic and will result in the best photo that is flattering and helps tell the story of the day, like straightening a bow tie or buttoning the tuxedo jacket.  It creates a simple composition where the subject isn't in any strange position (like arms awkwardly up while they're putting the jacket on) and these final moments of getting ready are usually when the reality of what's ahead hits them and there's a wonderful raw moment in their expression that I love to capture.  Brides and grooms both spend a lot of time getting ready for the wedding, often surrounded by their friends and family and it's an important part to the story of the day that I always want to include in the album, but with the same thoughtfulness and attention to composition and detail as the rest of the images in their album.  As I've mentioned before in my btf series, I always take a few frames and I loved that in this one that his watch and cufflink (the groom's two most personalized accessories) are both showing and his bottom pinky finger is ever just so slightly extended creating another little layer of visual interest making this photo the stand out.


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