Monday, March 14, 2016

Behind The Frame: Importance of Lighting


Lighting can make a photo go from average to spectacular.  The literal definition of photography is drawing with light, and how we use light, and what light's available to us as photographers can transform a photograph.  You've all heard me speak before about the importance of golden hour and I just can't say it enough times!  Shooting in the first two or last two hours of the day not only gives the photograph a beautiful golden glow, but it also makes YOU actually look better because it bathes you in a very flattering light that washes away any imperfections and allows you to be luminous and glow.  This is an all time favorite portrait from an engagement session taken during golden hour.  The first thing I love about it is the connection between the bride and groom.  It's a posed moment taken during a portrait session, but it still feels like an incredibly intimate and authentic moment because there is such a lovely connection between the town of them.  Compositionally it's pleasing to the eye as their bodies create a nice oval in the center of the frame leading from their heads to their arms and it's easy to travel through the frame and land on the brides bright smile.  What elevates the frame to the next level for me is the gorgeous end of day late Spring light that is flooding through the trees behind them giving that golden glow, which gives the illusion that it's actually emanating from them.  This moment would lose it's impact taken in deep shade or harsh overhead light.  Always try to schedule your portrait taking during this golden period to take your photos from average to extraordinary.


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