Monday, March 28, 2016

Behind The Frame Monday: Backlighting


I talked last week about the importance of golden hour light to create a flattering portrait, but that same light is also wonderful for pulled back landscape images as well.  One of the other benefits of sunrise or sunset light is the ability to flood the frame with light and create a luminous portrait.  This was about and hour and a half after sunrise and the light was at a 45 degree angle peeking through the blossoms.  I loved the long downward slanting branch of the tree so used the rule of thirds to place the tree on the right of the image and then the couple underneath and slightly in front of the branch to give the photo a little depth.  Then by metering for the deep shadows cast by the tree the background gets blown out, making the bride and grooms skin glow and creating the ethereal luminous quality to the trees.


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