Monday, March 21, 2016

Home + Studio Tour

Moving back to Los Angeles in December was a huge and exciting change for me, one of the biggest differences was going from my NY apartment to a house in LA!  I fell in love with my home the minute I saw it and immediately could picture myself living there.  I've always loved nesting and decorating and I had so much fun making the blank canvas of my house all mine!  I was so honored when Style Me Pretty asked me to do a home tour and share some of my thoughts behind how I decorated.  Check out some photos below and head over to SMP for all the details!
RYALE_Home_Tour-001 RYALE_Home_Tour-02 RYALE_Home_Tour-03 RYALE_Home_Tour-04 RYALE_Home_Tour-05 RYALE_Home_Tour-06 RYALE_Home_Tour-07 RYALE_Home_Tour-08 RYALE_Home_Tour-09 RYALE_Home_Tour-010 RYALE_Home_Tour-011 RYALE_Home_Tour-012 RYALE_Home_Tour-013 RYALE_Home_Tour-014 RYALE_Home_Tour-015 RYALE_Home_Tour-016 RYALE_Home_Tour-017 RYALE_Home_Tour-018 RYALE_Home_Tour-019 RYALE_Home_Tour-020 RYALE_Home_Tour-021 RYALE_Home_Tour-022 RYALE_Home_Tour-023 RYALE_Home_Tour-024 RYALE_Home_Tour-025 RYALE_Home_Tour-026 RYALE_Home_Tour-027 RYALE_Home_Tour-028 RYALE_Home_Tour-029 RYALE_Home_Tour-030 RYALE_Home_Tour-031 RYALE_Home_Tour-032 RYALE_Home_Tour-033 RYALE_Home_Tour-034 RYALE_Home_Tour-035 RYALE_Home_Tour-036 RYALE_Home_Tour-038 RYALE_Home_Tour-039 RYALE_Home_Tour-040


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