Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Key West on Film

Before my family went down to Cuba for New Year's we spent a few days in Florida exploring Key West.  I grew up visiting my grandparents outside of Miami every year, but had never visited the Keys before and found it to be a very quaint and beautiful part of the US that feels like nothing else in the US.  We stayed at the lovely (but in desperate need of an update) Casa Marina, which is a Waldorf Resort, just a 5 minute walk from the main strip of town.  The highlights of our stay were: kayaking in the mangroves, visiting the butterfly sanctuary, and meandering the streets looking at the beautiful architecture.  On the drive back up from Key West to Miami we got to see an adorable Key Deer and her calf, who was super friendly and came right up to the camera to give me a sniff.
RYALE_Florida_Keys-01 RYALE_Florida_Keys-02 RYALE_Florida_Keys-03 RYALE_Florida_Keys-04 RYALE_Florida_Keys-05 RYALE_Florida_Keys-06 RYALE_Florida_Keys-07 RYALE_Florida_Keys-08 RYALE_Florida_Keys-09 RYALE_Florida_Keys-010 RYALE_Florida_Keys-011 RYALE_Florida_Keys-012 RYALE_Florida_Keys-013 RYALE_Florida_Keys-014 RYALE_Florida_Keys-016 RYALE_Florida_Keys-017


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