Monday, April 25, 2016

Behind the Frame: Repeating Lines


Last week I talked about the importance of leading lines in a photograph so this week I wanted to talk about repeating lines.  I loved the straight line of the zipper of the bride's DVF dress and wanted to play off of it having her stand next the the strong vertical line of  the Empire State building in the background.  The two lines play off each other in a nice echo and repeat pattern so you can view both the couple and the building without having your eye pulled too strongly to either.  Sometimes in the quieter moments of the shoot when the couple is standing still it can feel a little awkward in the photo so posing here is very important to making the image feel like a natural stolen moment.  One of my go to's for photographing a full length portrait of the back of a woman is to have her cross one foot behind the other at the ankle, this makes the legs look long and feels much sexier and more relaxed then just standing straight with both toes facing the other person.  The bride and groom are loosely holding hands and I instructed them to do one of my favorite words on shoots- nuzzle!  The act of him leaning in to her neck is both incredibly intimate and sexy while also being very sweet and a totally PG moment for framing in your house and sharing online.


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