Friday, April 29, 2016

Traveling the Highlands of Peru- Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu on Film

This Spring I had the amazing opportunity to travel the highlands of Peru with my family and recharge my creative energy in some of the most gorgeous landscapes I've ever seen.  We spent a week traveling in Lima, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and then ending in Cusco before we headed to the Amazon, which I'll post photos from next week.  I may have gotten a tad light headed from the altitude, and my Contax bit the dust in the rain at Machu Picchu, but it was well worth it for the incredible sites!  Some highlights were visiting a village located 12,500 ft above sea level and seeing their natural dye techniques for alpaca wool- and meeting lots of llamas and alpacas, and our dinner at Astrid y Gaston in Lima, which was incredible!
RYALE_Peru-01 RYALE_Peru-03 RYALE_Peru-04 RYALE_Peru-04a RYALE_Peru-05 RYALE_Peru-06 RYALE_Peru-07 RYALE_Peru-08 RYALE_Peru-09 RYALE_Peru-011 RYALE_Peru-012 RYALE_Peru-013 RYALE_Peru-014 RYALE_Peru-015 RYALE_Peru-016 RYALE_Peru-017 RYALE_Peru-018 RYALE_Peru-019 RYALE_Peru-020 RYALE_Peru-021 RYALE_Peru-022 RYALE_Peru-023 RYALE_Peru-024 RYALE_Peru-025 RYALE_Peru-026 RYALE_Peru-027 RYALE_Peru-028 RYALE_Peru-029 RYALE_Peru-030 RYALE_Peru-031 RYALE_Peru-032 RYALE_Peru-033 RYALE_Peru-034 RYALE_Peru-035 RYALE_Peru-036 RYALE_Peru-037 RYALE_Peru-037a RYALE_Peru-038 RYALE_Peru-039 RYALE_Peru-040 RYALE_Peru-040a RYALE_Peru-041 RYALE_Peru-042 RYALE_Peru-043 RYALE_Peru-044 RYALE_Peru-045 RYALE_Peru-046 RYALE_Peru-047 RYALE_Peru-048 RYALE_Peru-049 RYALE_Peru-050< RYALE_Peru-051 RYALE_Peru-052 RYALE_Peru-053 RYALE_Peru-053a RYALE_Peru-054 RYALE_Peru-055 RYALE_Peru-056


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