Monday, May 23, 2016

Behind the Frame Monday: The Full Wedding Day Story

My two favorite books that should be required reading for everyone who picks up a camera are Sontag's On Photography and Barthes' Camera Lucida.  I've talked about both before in my btf posts, and today I'm focusing on a quote from Barthes.  He says one of his first connections to photography is through a photograph of Napoleon's brother.  He becomes mesmerized by the photograph, specifically the eyes, as he realizes those are the same eyes that looked upon the emperor.  A portrait of the brother can help us hundreds of years later glean more about Napoleon himself and give us a fuller visual story of his life.  On wedding days when I'm telling the wedding day story through my lens I like to turn it on the couple's friends and family during important moments like getting ready, the ceremony, toasts, etc. because their eyes are the ones looking upon the bride and groom and their eyes tell an important element of the story.  This is a favorite photo of mine where the bride's sister brought the veil to the bride for her portraits.  Her expression is so full of glee and her smile beams through the photo as she looks at her sister in her wedding dress and races over to deliver the final touch.  Little moments of captured expression, whether it be tears or smiles, help create a more emotional and comprehensive wedding day story.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

J & N's Sunflower Summer Wedding in Hudson Valley, Hudson Valley Fine Art Wedding Photography

Jillian and Niall's beautiful summer wedding was a gorgeous sophisticated take on a country barn wedding. The ceremony took place on the lawn outside the barn of their stunning venue located in the charming town of Hudson, NY with the beautiful mountains of the Hudson Valley in the background. Cocktail Hour was also held on the lawn and guests enjoyed refreshing summer cocktails while playing lawn games. Guests were welcomed into the barn for an evening of dinner and dancing. The barn was decked out with long tables decorated with sunflowers and twinkle lights strung above. The bride and groom included an mad-lib style advice card with their invitation asking their friends to write them one piece of marriage advice and requesting a song, which they then strung up at the first level entrance to the barn. Instead of a traditional cake the bride and groom opted for a dessert table featuring pies, cookies and chocolate and strawberry milk. They ended the reception with a grand sparkler exit, which lead guests back onto the lawn for an after party under twinkle lights on the lawn with a smores bar, fire pit and a piano player, who was one of the original Blues Brothers!  See more from the day in Destinations Wedding Magazine coming this Fall!

RYALE_JN_Wed-001 RYALE_JN_Wed-02 RYALE_JN_Wed-04 RYALE_JN_Wed-05 RYALE_JN_Wed-05a RYALE_JN_Wed-06 RYALE_JN_Wed-08 RYALE_JN_Wed-09 RYALE_JN_Wed-010 RYALE_JN_Wed-011 RYALE_JN_Wed-012 RYALE_JN_Wed-013 RYALE_JN_Wed-014 RYALE_JN_Wed-015 RYALE_JN_Wed-016 RYALE_JN_Wed-016a RYALE_JN_Wed-017 RYALE_JN_Wed-018 RYALE_JN_Wed-019 RYALE_JN_Wed-020 RYALE_JN_Wed-021 RYALE_JN_Wed-022 RYALE_JN_Wed-023 RYALE_JN_Wed-024 RYALE_JN_Wed-025 RYALE_JN_Wed-026 RYALE_JN_Wed-027 RYALE_JN_Wed-028 RYALE_JN_Wed-029 RYALE_JN_Wed-030 RYALE_JN_Wed-031 RYALE_JN_Wed-032 RYALE_JN_Wed-033 RYALE_JN_Wed-034 RYALE_JN_Wed-035 RYALE_JN_Wed-036 RYALE_JN_Wed-037 RYALE_JN_Wed-038 RYALE_JN_Wed-040 RYALE_JN_Wed-041 RYALE_JN_Wed-043 RYALE_JN_Wed-044 RYALE_JN_Wed-045 RYALE_JN_Wed-046 RYALE_JN_Wed-047 RYALE_JN_Wed-048 RYALE_JN_Wed-049 RYALE_JN_Wed-050 RYALE_JN_Wed-050a RYALE_JN_Wed-051 RYALE_JN_Wed-052 RYALE_JN_Wed-054 RYALE_JN_Wed-055 RYALE_JN_Wed-057 RYALE_JN_Wed-058 RYALE_JN_Wed-059 RYALE_JN_Wed-060 RYALE_JN_Wed-061 RYALE_JN_Wed-062 RYALE_JN_Wed-063 RYALE_JN_Wed-064 Coordinator/Planner: Lisa Light
Florist: Crocus Hale
Caterer: Mazzones
DJ: Michael Wilcox
Bride’s Dress: Romona Keveza
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo
Bridesmaids Robes:
Hair and Makeup: Jeannie from Canyon Ranch Calligraphy
Place Cards by Bride’s Mother
Invitations: Two Paper Dolls
Piano Player: Jonny Rosch
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