Friday, May 6, 2016

Amazon River Cruise on Film

Last week I shared photos from the week I spent in the Peruvian highlands and today I'm sharing photos from the week we spent on a river cruise down the Amazon aboard the Aria.  I traveled to the Ecuadorian Amazon back in 2012, staying in a jungle lodge along the Napo, and this was a fun and different perspective on the Amazon.  If your focus is for intensive wildlife viewing I would definitely recommend the jungle lodge over the boat, but for a relaxing vacation it was lovely to watch the water go by from bed in the rooms with their floor to ceiling windows and dine on delicious 5 star cuisine every day.  We saw sloths, monkeys, tarantulas, anacondas, pink dolphins, countless birds (although my brother-in-law did count them) and I even caught a few piranhas fishing- it felt straight out of Amazon Trail!

RYALE_Peru_amazon-01 RYALE_Peru_amazon-02 RYALE_Peru_amazon-03 RYALE_Peru_amazon-04 RYALE_Peru_amazon-05 RYALE_Peru_amazon-06 RYALE_Peru_amazon-08 RYALE_Peru_amazon-07 RYALE_Peru_amazon-008 RYALE_Peru_amazon-09 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0010 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0011 RYALE_Peru_amazon-012a RYALE_Peru_amazon-0013 RYALE_Peru_amazon-013b RYALE_Peru_amazon-0014 RYALE_Peru_amazon-016 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0016 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0015 RYALE_Peru_amazon-017 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0017 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0018 RYALE_Peru_amazon-018a RYALE_Peru_amazon-0019 RYALE_Peru_amazon-019a RYALE_Peru_amazon-0020 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0021 RYALE_Peru_amazon-022 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0022 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0023 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0024 RYALE_Peru_amazon-025 RYALE_Peru_amazon-026 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0026 RYALE_Peru_amazon-039 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0027 RYALE_Peru_amazon-028 RYALE_Peru_amazon-0029 RYALE_Peru_amazon-030 RYALE_Peru_amazon-036 RYALE_Peru_amazon-037 RYALE_Peru_amazon-036a RYALE_Peru_amazon-038 RYALE_Peru_amazon-040


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