Monday, June 20, 2016

Behind The Frame: Building intimacy within the Frame

I try very hard to make my photos look and feel as genuine and authentic as possible, but a great deal of posing and thought do go into each and every one.  This pose in particular is one of my favorites that I like to do a few variations on in many engagement or wedding portrait session.  It works perfectly when the bride is just a tiny bit or a lot shorter than the groom.  I have the groom wrap his arms around the bride with her back to him, but not prom style around the waist, instead higher up closer to the collar bone and then I have the bride reach up to his arms.  This ends up feeling like a very natural pose because it's an embrace many couples naturally do and allows me to get in a little closer and capture what ends up feeling like a very intimate slice of life moment.  Any of my past couples will tell you my favorite direction to give is nuzzle or snuggle and that always brings people a little closer together and usually makes people laugh, helping to break the awkward barrier between photographer and subject allowing my clients to not get caught in the performative aspect of being photographed and relax.  It's also a great opportunity to show off the ring, which is always a bonus in engagement photographs.


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