Wednesday, July 20, 2016

S & D's Lower East Side and Grand Central Engagement Session, New York City Fine Art Engagement Photography

RYALE_LES_Engagement-01 RYALE_LES_Engagement-02 RYALE_LES_Engagement-03 RYALE_LES_Engagement-03a RYALE_LES_Engagement-04 RYALE_LES_Engagement-05 RYALE_LES_Engagement-06 RYALE_LES_Engagement-07 RYALE_LES_Engagement-08 RYALE_LES_Engagement-009 RYALE_LES_Engagement-010 RYALE_LES_Engagement-011 RYALE_LES_Engagement-012 RYALE_LES_Engagement-013

S & D took to the streets of the Lower East Side with their adorable puppy Gemma for their Spring engagement session.  There's something utterly romantic about New York in the rain and these two fully embraced it, snuggling with their pup on the streets before heading up to Grand Central Station and the New York Public Library for some classic and timeless New York portraits.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

D & D's Rainy Day Williamsburg Engagement Session

RYALE_DD_Engagement-01 RYALE_DD_Engagement-02 RYALE_DD_Engagement-03 RYALE_DD_Engagement-04 RYALE_DD_Engagement-05 RYALE_DD_Engagement-06 RYALE_DD_Engagement-07 RYALE_DD_Engagement-08 RYALE_DD_Engagement-09 RYALE_DD_Engagement-010 RYALE_DD_Engagement-011 RYALE_DD_Engagement-012 RYALE_DD_Engagement-012a RYALE_DD_Engagement-013 RYALE_DD_Engagement-014 RYALE_DD_Engagement-015 RYALE_DD_Engagement-018

Dina and Dustin didn't let a little rain get in their way and took to the street's of Williamsburg, umbrella and adorable puppy, Mochi, in hand for a super sweet engagement session on the waterfront followed by a walk through Central Park in the cascading cherry blossoms.
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