Monday, October 24, 2016

Andrew and Lina's Private Estate Wedding in PA, Destination Fine Art Wedding Photography

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Andrew and Lina were married on Andrew's family estate, The Rodale Organic Family Farm, a truly picturesque spot that has been the venue for many of Andrew's family members nuptials.  The Rodale family were pioneers in organic farming, and the family farm was the first organic farm in America, which is not far from the Rodale Institute, which continues to be at the forefront of organic farming practices.  Guests were welcomed to the farm with gift bags featuring organic snacks and beverages along with copies of Women's and Men's Health Magazine, publications produced by the Rodale family.  In keeping with the spirit of the farm, guests were each given a succulent to take home as a wedding favor. 

Mark Kintzel, whose known the groom since he was a baby, designed the day with bright summer florals to compliment the beautiful farm setting with pops of pink, red, yellow and orange, which also carried through to the bridesmaids dresses and the bride's shoes.  Instead of a traditional photo booth, Mark decked out the groom's great grandfather's VW convertible with flowers and vintage suitcases, making for a fun and personal backdrop.  Guests were given a copy of their photos to keep and another strip to paste in the guestbook.  The bride and groom had a custom snapchat geo tag made for their guests to use during the wedding and collected all the snaps as a digital guestbook as well.

The farm is still a working farm, but the greenhouse was decommissioned and the glass removed to prevent snow cave-ins during the winter, which made for the perfect spot for cocktail hour.  Cocktail hour took place in both the greenhouse and the sculpture garden next-door and guests enjoyed 3 signature cocktails and oysters while Andrew's uncle played the accordion.  Andrew and Lina share a love of travel and food- he proposed on a hilltop in Greece- and come from diverse backgrounds, which they wanted to showcase throughout.  The reception took place in a sailcloth tent and the dinner was a blend of cuisines from all of their travels (Italian, Spanish, Greek, Dominican and Lebanese) and was served family style to bring everyone together for the special occasion.

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Planner, Stylist & Florist, Mark Kintzel Design
Invitation: Fourteen Forty
Catering: Cobblestone Catering
Cake:  Katherine Sprules Cakes
Hair & Makeup: Jackie Schneider Beauty
Musicians: Montero Strings
Lighting: Tony Millross, Lehigh Lighting
Bride's Dress: Monique Lhuillier from Saks
Bride's Jewelry: Swarovski
Broom's Suit: Michael Andrew's Bespoke
Rentals: Party Rental Ltd. & Rodale Catering
Tent: Special Events
Open Air Photo Booth: Big Laughs Photo Booth


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