Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Year in Review: 2016

2016 was a tough year for a lot of us, filled with some great highs and some not so great lows.  I'm very vocal about my political views on instagram, so many of you know I'm pretty worried about 2017 and what's to come.  However, one of the things I absolutely love about my job is that it reminds me on a daily basis that no matter what speed bumps we encounter in our lives it is human nature to find love, celebrate family and create joy.  It is such an incredible honor to step into my client's families for a weekend, or just for a day, and document the celebration of love and the start of a new family.  2016 was exhausting, but exhilarating!  I zigzagged back and forth across the country to NY and back to Los Angeles all wedding season and finished off with an epic three weeks of non-stop shooting in Italy and France. 

Unfortunately I can't share a few of my amazing 2016 weddings and editorials yet as they're waiting to be published in 2017, but there's some more gorgeousness coming soon that I can't wait to share in the new year!  I was so honored this year to win, for the second year in a row, First Place in the details category of Rangefinder's Wedding Photography Awards and was named one of the top 10 "Globetrotter" photographers by Destination Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad Magazine.  I just found out yesterday that the first photograph on this post won Belle Lumiere's Top Film Photograph of 2016.  I had a wedding included in Style Me Pretty's 40 best of the year as well as an engagement in their top 10 of the year and had photos included in their best bouquets and dresses of the year.  I had the honor of being published online and in print in 2016 by Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart, Brides Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, The Knot, Destination Weddings US and UK editions, Utterly Engaged, Wedding Flowers and Accessories Magazine, Modern Luxury Brides California, Grace Ormonde, My Domaine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Today Show, Carats & Cake, Bridal Guide, Hochzeitsguide and more!  I still feel the same excitement today seeing my photographs in national magazines that I did when I was 16 and had a photograph of a pigeon in San Marco Square published in a literary magazine.  It's such an honor to see my work in print or on amazing digital publications and I'm so grateful to my amazing clients and all the wonderful editors I get to work with!  Cheers to the new year everybody! Sending love, light and joy for 2017!
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La Belle The Label said...

What a year for you! Here I am, sitting in front of my MAC as my husband is bringing the chikdren out, I feel excited about 2017! I hope 2017 will be everything you have been hoping for and more! Blessings, Hannah

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