Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Photos from the Women's March in Honor of International Women's Day

I am no longer accepting the things I can not change.  I am changing the things I can not accept.

RYALE_womensmarch RYALE_womensmarch2 RYALE_womensmarch3 RYALE_womensmarch4 RYALE_womensmarch5 RYALE_womensmarch6 RYALE_womensmarch8 RYALE_womensmarch9 RYALE_womensmarch10 RYALE_womensmarch11 RYALE_womensmarch12 RYALE_womensmarch13 RYALE_womensmarch14 RYALE_womensmarch16 RYALE_womensmarch17 RYALE_womensmarch18 RYALE_womensmarch19 RYALE_womensmarch20 RYALE_womensmarch21 RYALE_womensmarch22 RYALE_womensmarch23 RYALE_womensmarch25 RYALE_womensmarch26 RYALE_womensmarch27 RYALE_womensmarch28 RYALE_womensmarch29 RYALE_womensmarch30 RYALE_womensmarch24


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