Monday, April 3, 2017

Girls Getaway to Chileno Bay and Esperanza Resorts in Cabo San Lucas

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I had the pleasure of visiting Cabo this winter with an amazing group of fellow wedding industry women, planners, photographers and magazine editor.  We had the chance to explore the incredible and brand new Chileno Bay Resort and the beautiful Esperanza, both Auberge properties.  In addition to the resorts being drop dead gorgeous the staff at both were the friendliest and kindest people who went so incredibly above and beyond for us.  I'm a big fan of Hotel Impossible and I kept thinking to myself- this is true hospitality!  From custom drinks and amazing food by the pool, to literally building a platform over the sea for us to enjoy breakfast on, no detail was overlooked.  Either spots would be an absolutely magical place for a honeymoon or destination wedding weekend.  An incredibly talented local florist, Elena Damy, created two beautiful wedding installations- ceremonies and receptions- at each hotel for us to enjoy and get a feel for what the weddings could be like at the resorts.  We even got to dine at the table at Esperanza, which jutted over the ocean and the night ended with a fireworks display that Shira herself got to launch.  It was an incredible end o an incredible weekend with these 7 amazing ladies!  Thank you to Alicia, Jen, Shira, Patricia, Kate, Emily and Allison for such a lovely trip!


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