Monday, June 5, 2017

Ben and Aisha's Sunday Morning Waffle Making Engagement Session, Los Angeles Fine Art Engagement Photography

I often describe engagement photos as a little slice of life, capturing a little piece of who you are at this special time in your life- young and in love right before you say your vows. Years later these photos can become just as special as your wedding day portraits and become a little time capsule for future generations. Ben and Aisha absolutely embraced this idea and chose to have their engagement session be a typical Sunday morning, which for them means making waffles and enjoying them together in their beautiful sun-drenched backyard. Featured on the front page of Style Me Pretty.
RYALE_Waffles1 RYALE_Waffles1 RYALE_Waffles2 RYALE_Waffles3 RYALE_Waffles4 RYALE_Waffles5 RYALE_Waffles6 RYALE_Waffles7 RYALE_Waffles8 RYALE_Waffles9 RYALE_Waffles10 RYALE_Waffles11 RYALE_Waffles12 RYALE_Waffles13 RYALE_Waffles14 RYALE_Waffles15 RYALE_Waffles16 RYALE_Waffles17 RYALE_Waffles18 RYALE_Waffles19 RYALE_Waffles20 RYALE_Waffles21 RYALE_Waffles22


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